Weld Street Inn

Dixfield, ME – A quaint inn, tucked amongst the trees of rural Maine, The Weld St Inn the epicenter of unique happenings. Drawn to this 1800’s home after being shown the listing by accident, owner and resident Ann Marie bought it instantly and converted it to the quaint Inn you see today. But it’s not just the exceptional bagels or the step back into simpler times that draws people to this house. It’s the memories of those who lived and died there. The spirits of a family who won’t let go. And possibly something beyond even what the Haunt ME team was expecting.

Ann Marie was kind enough to invite the Haunt ME team to explore the inn in hopes of gathering more information on the spirits who reside there. Given her vast research we felt this would be a straight-forward investigation, a great way to get us back in the swing of things. We were wrong.

Everything started off like it typically does. We split into groups to get the lay of the land. Ty went upstairs to the resident’s kitchen to reach out to a young woman who died in the house. She would often sit and sip tea, watching the world pass by through the window. In an effort to join her in this ritual, Ty poured two cups of tea and sat down to bond over the joys of relaxing with a warm beverage on fall days, “My grandmother would always put cream in the tea… which I realize I don’t like.” A muffled laugh came through on the digital recorder. Perhaps she is still at the Weld St Inn partaking in her favorite pastime…

Shadows dart about on the first floor with Carol and Anna as the k2 meters flicker indicating they’re not alone. The same activity occurs when Ty and Carol gather together. More answers are needed and the best way to do that is with the Estes Chamber. What occurs leaves the team with more questions than answers as frightening visages hang from the ceilings and a distorted face peers around the corner as Ty begins praying.

At this point we’re scared, and there is not much left to be done without help. The Marsh Edwards family may be there – we need to go back to find out. But more concerning is what may be lurking in the shadows just out of reach…


Prerate: 5

Investigation Score: 4

Final Rating: 4.5


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