Swan Island

Swan Island, ME – Swan Island was a fun adventure with a mix of seclusion, outside investigation, and sleepy spirit. This is also known as ‘The Lost Episode’ because somewhere on the island is a memory card that contains ¼ of our night’s footage.

The island itself is a ghost town, which hosts a few historical homes that have not yet been reclaimed by time. The population moved on half a century ago, but left behind legends of unfortunate drownings, lost love, and broken hearts. Our goal for the night was to connect with all of this by splitting the party and covering as much ground as possible before midnight, when our ferry would be returning to take us home, or leave us until morning if we had not yet made it to the docks in time.

Katie started Carol and Ty off with a magic spell to unite the elements and wake up the island. Carol summoned water at the home of the drownings, Ty called fire across the island at the home of Island’s doctor, Katie worked with air at the cemetery, and the island itself worked as the earth element. Each investigator worked feverishly in their stations before uniting together halfway through the night to come up with a game plan. Ty and Carol had casual EVP activity, most of which could have been credited to animals, so the investigation continued back to Katie’s cemetery.

Here, Ty used Nordic runes in an attempt to spy clues of the island, much like Katie does with her tarot cards. Both the rune and tarot spreads seemed to match and complement each other, pointing toward a story of star-crossed lovers and broken hearts, which confused the team thoroughly, until they remembered a similar legend of the island’s early days. Sprinting against the clock, the team raced to the highest point of the island to hold space for the spirit with the broken heart and hear her story.

Sometimes being there for people, even those who have passed on, is all you can do. And while this didn’t yield extreme evidence for the team, it was an important lesson that compassion and humanity should always trump flair and fear when it comes to the heart of any investigation.

If you find our missing memory card on the island, please send it to our PO Box!


Prerate: 2

Investigation Score: 2

Final Rating: 2


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