Seguin Island

Georgetown, ME – This was by FAR the most challenging investigation to coordinate and most unnerving place to spend the night. Yet, because of that, Seguin Island Light is also easily our most adventurous episode.

The history of the island begins with explorers George Popham and Raleigh Gilbert anchoring here in 1607 before traveling up the Kennebec River to form Popham Colony. However, the mainstay for the Island wouldn’t be built for nearly 200 years. The beacon and lightkeepers house have guarded the island stretching all the way  back to 1794, after George Washington commissioned that the first light be built.

The most popular legend surrounding this island is that of the keeper, his wife, and the piano. The story goes that the keeper bought a piano for his wife, to stave off the loneliness and isolation brought on by the Maine winter. However, his wife could only play by reading music, and the shipment only came with one sheet. So over, and over, and over the wife played, until the keeper couldn’t take it anymore and took an axe to the piano, then his wife, and once he had come to his senses, threw himself from the top of the light. And now, like all good sea legends, it’s said that phantom piano music can be heard floating through the air on calm foggy nights if ships pull too close to the island’s rocky shores. (Also, please note that in our research we found a few keepers who ‘vacated’ their positions, but no clear murder suicides in the history books – that’s how legends work…)

Other claims include seeing the spirit of a girl close to the beach, a coast guard incident with a spirit demanding the guard to leave the island (and having his boat sink in the bay the next morning), as well as the visage of an angel that saved a keeper’s family then the island tram gave way in the early 1900s.

Our adventure began by being boated out two miles into the ocean by Captain Ethan DeBery of FishNTrips charter. The plan was dropping off the investigators and crew on the lonely island for the night, leaving them isolated until the ships’ return the next morning. An unreal quiet fell immediately upon the boat’s departure and the team quickly realized just how trapped they truly were.

The team hurried to set up their equipment around the island and get their bearings as the hot sun sank below the horizon line and the dense ocean fog crept inward, blinding their view of the mainland. Blanketing the island by nightfall, the steadfast beam of the island’s light cut through the dense fog as it reached out toward the dark ocean, and the investigation began.

Experiences came fast, and fear was heightened for the team, knowing that unlike any other location they’d ever been on, they would not simply be able to leave this haunt should it become too much for them. Activity spread out across the island and structures, and included Ty getting touched after he tried on the Assistant Keeper’s hat, stating that some thing felt like it was straightening the shoulder fabric of his jacket and tidying him up. Another physical interaction, was the odd coughing affliction that came over Carol in the keeper’s house. Strange, but not completely solid K-II call and response was noted, as well as recorded noises. Additionally strange, was the reoccurring smell of cologne that wafted across the island. However, one of our favorite experiences was with Katie’s tarot cards, as she continually pulled ‘The Lovers’ in readings that seemed to echo the legend of the piano axe that attracted the team to the island in the first place.

Trapped on an island with sea spray splashing through the fog, surrounded by artifacts of the past and legends of another time, truly created a memorable experience for the team. Maine has undeniable treasures if you know where to find them, and the many years of traveling with Haunt ME has opened doors to these incredible places that might have otherwise been locked away. We hope that you enjoy finding these historically haunted places as much as we do.


Prerate: 3

Investigation Score: 7

Final Rating: 5


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