Sanford Mills

Sanford, ME – Well, this investigation was unlike the rest, and if you’ve watched you’ll know why. We’d been receiving viewer requests to visit the mills of Sanford for years at this point, letting us know they were incredibly haunted, but without providing us any real details. So, we decided that this would be a paranormal experiment, where we go in and collect unbiased evidence, then research the history and the claims to see if they match our experience. Great idea right? NOPE.

*PSA: when ghost hunting, always be aware of your surroundings.*

We were let into the building in the afternoon to set up, and it was full of people and junk was piled high off the floor. Neither were what we expected, but we worked around everyone and everything, until night fell and the owner showed us the big steel mechanical door and how to lock ourselves inside. Once everyone had gone home for the night, we sighed relief from the stress and noise, and hit the button to drop the door and have the metal bolts seal us in.

We moved spots through the night, catching footsteps, thinking we heard voices, and then we remember the eerie feeling of being watched hit every investigator a few times that night. It was only when we heard a huge crash that we realized, these pieces of paranormal ‘evidence’ we thought we’d been capturing all night, were anything but that. Ash and Katie approached the crash only to see a man in a hoodie run off into the dark… we’d locked ourselves inside with a stranger. Throughout the maze of junk that piled through the maze, he’d been hiding and watching us for the past two hours.

Grabbing our crew, our cameras, and any blunt object we could find, we huddled together and immediately left the building, locking the stranger inside and hurrying away toward safety.

Never go investigate a place you know nothing about. If you’re looking to go in without bias, have 1 person do the research and keep that information to themselves while the rest of the team explores. Your safety is the most important thing to preserve on a paranormal investigation. Don’t become the ghosts you’re hunting.


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