4 Spells Pack


Enhance your lift, aura, & energy with a pack of 4 spells.


  • Prosperity
  • New Beginnings
  • Third Eye Blend
  • Good as Gold Positivity Blend
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Prosperity: Prosperity can mean different things for different people. Before burning this incense, think about what you wish to be rich in. It doesn’t have to be money (although that is certainly an option). Envision in your minds eye all that you wish to bring to your lift, and under the new moon release your intentions to the universe.

  • Ingredients: bay leaf, basil, chamomile, calendula flower

New Beginnings: This mixture was created with the intention to start you on a new journey. Whether a new career, location, or creative project, burn this incense on the new moon to welcome in new possibilities and manifest your desires. Birch, the beginning of the Ogham alphabet, starts us at the beginning and reminds us to look at the world with curiosity and wonder.

  • Ingredients: birch bark, lavender, jasmine, rose petals, sage

Third Eye Blend: Open your third eye to the truths around you. Created with the intention to aid in meditation and opening the mind to higher realms of thought.  Burn this on the full moon for added power. The willow leaves in this blend guides us to the deep wells of magic, drawing them up and into our lives as we search for new and uncovered truths. Burn on the full moon and open your mind to the world around you.

  • Ingredients: lavender, jasmine, cornflower, palo santo, willow leaves

Good as Gold Positivity Blend: A gentle blend of uplifting scents, this Good as Gold blend is intended to bring joy and light to you.  The pin needles remind us of shouting our victories from the mountain tops.  Burn this blend and shout your joys to the world around you. Not feeling celebratory? Use this blend to manifest the things that bring you the most joy.

  • Ingredients: lavender, jasmine, rose petals, pine needles

Disclosure: Please be sure to burn in a well-ventilated area, in a fire safe container. Remember the true magic lies within you. No spell can replace the efforts of speaking to the right and necessary people to help you on your way.

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