Nine-World Spread


Comprehensive Lifetime Reading

Available as a written reading with digital art only.

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Forecast the runic blueprint of your lifetime and gain intricate insight of the energetic forces that influence and help shape you and how you can use these influences to your advantage.

Delve deep into Norse Mythology and the influence Yggdrasil (their tree of life) has within your own life’s journey. The ‘Nine-World Spread’ is an intense look into the nine Nordic mythological realms and their impact on you. Examine the meanings of each realm, from Asgard to Hel, and how their energetic pull works to shape your life. (Like a star chart, but with runes)

Best for: Delving into how you are creating the life you are living, both on a conscious and unconscious level, while illuminating how to make changes to get what you want out of life.

Activation: Your earliest memory.

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