Old Narrow Gauge Trail

Randolph, ME – Doing something a little different after 5 seasons, Haunt ME takes it to the woods. Our entire investigation was outside, traveling toward twilight as we journeyed deep into the haunted woods of Randolph Maine, on the legendary Old Narrow Gauge Trail. This night was an exercise to use our skills in a wide-open area, and a battle against mosquitoes.

The stories that brought us here were that of the alleged spirits of a murder suicide mainly, where the remains have yet to be found but the spirit wanders the woods. Other claims included the residual haunt of a train whistle upon the path, Native American activity, and multiple other eerie factors that wrapped into the haunting.

The adventure was so unique and made us shift our techniques to match its needs. Ty drilled through his rempod to attach it to his backpack incase we were followed. We utilized a metal detector in search of the missing body or bicycle that was purportedly buried with it. We’ve also never used the FLIR attachment so much, mostly for animals, and walked away with some really cool experiences. Ty caught an intriguing EVP of a train whistle on a recorder he left in the woods, Katie caught smoke rings coming from her sage bundle when trying to commune with the Native Americans in the area, K-2 activity, rempod hits, and possible IR evidence all culminated in a very unique experience for everyone.

Go to these woods! (Bring your recorder and bug spray too.)


Prerate: 2

Investigation Score: 4

Final Rating: 3


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