Mexico Recreation Center

Mexico, ME – This was a rough one for us, and was over all not a safe environment. We began our drive to Mexico, Maine knowing that the forecast warned of an impending winter storm later in the evening, but we went anyway. Only when we arrived and began setting up did we actually realize this might have been a mistake. Freezing rain began to fall, and quickly, effectively trapping us inside the haunted location until it subsided. The kicker here is that this was our first experience with a haunted object: and we were trapped inside with it.

The Mexico Rec Center was an old high school with a new function, serving up strange shadows and noises to the visitors who claimed it was haunted. However, the real star of this episode was the object that was brought to this building. A ‘Dybbuk Box’, as it was called, was brought in to be researched, claiming that it contained a 5th level demon named ‘Paimon’. Now, while further research and investigation showed that not only was this not a dybbuk box, but dybbuk ‘boxes’ themselves were a fabrication, the amount of intent and expectation around the box seemed to power a sinister haunting to all who gave it the attention it craved. (Research of the box will continue in other haunt me episodes, including Parsonsfield round 2 and GRCC round 2)

We were a diminished team this night with Carol being sick at home, and we needed her. The night began with the three of us ‘meeting’ the box, set up in the center of the gym waiting for our investigation to begin. Noting that the box may have influence over the entire night, it truly became the focus of our investigation and we had to be vigilant. Tensions, and protections were high that night.

Before we even began, we had a call and response session with something called ‘Sam’ speaking to us over a spirit box, saying it came with our host that evening (our host who brought the box). When the investigation did officially begin, we were in the room with the box setting up cameras and regarding our night with the box, when Ashley began humming a song absent-mindedly. Ty then joined in finishing the tune. Ashley paused and asked him how he knew the end to the song she believed she was making up, and he couldn’t place it, but his notes seemed correct. Confused at where this song came from, or how it was perfectly wedged in their minds, the team did a bit of research about Paimon, finding he was the demon of music, and their nerves were effectively frayed. Then…the investigation began.

When we went lights out, noises footsteps, and voices almost immediately began, emanating from the gym. Though we all knew not to open the box, Katie then asked the spirits of the rec center if they would also not open the box, and this realization that the box could be communicating with the ghosts of the building was truly harrowing. From here, we decided to periodically check on the haunted object and ensure it hadn’t been tampered with.

A chair was tossed, whispered swirled, and shadows lingered through the night, but it was possibly the Spirit Box session later in the night that gave the team the best evidence. This session later in the night pushed the investigator’s nerves even further, as ‘Sam’ returned clearer than ever, warning the investigators not to touch the box. As questions continued, voices increased in chaos and frequency, calling the investigators out by name, as well as people close to them, before the voices rose higher, becoming desperate and full of anguish. The investigators were pulled into the panic, trying to help these spirits, until the voices began telling the team to open the box. The team fought back, realizing that they were likely being manipulated and the voices turned sinister. At this point, the team pulled the plug on the session, taking authority over the situation and silencing the moment. Because of this session, the next goal would be confronting the box directly.

Ironically, this had a strange subduing effect…until the group left again. The group united in that they began hearing whispers floating down the halls. Luckily to Ty’s psyche, he was able to debunk some of the knocking sounds they heard throughout the night as water leaking from the ice storm into the metal lockers. So much had happened throughout the night, that when the storm subsided the team was eager to leave and cut chords with the box and their experiences with it. This made rating the rec center on its own nearly impossible because of the bizarre contamination coming from the haunted object, so the final rating truly just relates to the box instead.

However, if the team thought their dealings with the box were over, they couldn’t be more wrong. The Saga of the ‘Dybbuk Box’ would continue again in the Parsonsfield revisit, and the GRCC revisit.


Prerate: 3

Investigation Score: 8

Final Rating: 5.5


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