Hinsdale House

Hinsdale, NY – A place that needs no introduction, the final stop on the team’s road trip out of Maine was the famously haunted Hinsdale House in New York. The team had to have their guard up like never before for this venture, and each of them, including the tech crew, would have to employ every bit of their cumulative experience as paranormal investigators in order to derive meaning from their experiences in the house.

Murders, wronged natives, reported demonic presences, and something stranger than all of that combined are what swirls around the lore of the house and drew us in. Claims go back decades, and the house itself goes back centuries, starting off with a group of homicidal brothers would entrap passersby to rob them and discard the bodies in the basement. Adding that to centuries of strangeness that culminate in a ‘botched exorcism’ which made the previous family flee, this would undoubtedly be one of our strangest haunts.

The investigation began before we even started, with a cryptic warning from the caretaker’s son, telling Carol to be wary of the upstairs. And it was a warning that we unfortunately took too lightly. Energy drain amongst the team began immediately, with crew members needing to tap out and exit the house for the safety of a nearby campfire. Excruciatingly clear EVPs warned of further investigation, but the team pressed on into the mystery, all having wild personal experiences and capturing some of the most insane evidence to date.

Working with the Newkirks, the team forged a new haunted object in the kitchen of the house using sigils and an old mirror, naming it ‘The Well of Intent’, unknowingly creating a window to the other side and stirring up a spirit of the house that referred to itself as ‘Nexus’.

Through energy drain, muddled minds, and an extrasensory experience that would stick with everyone throughout the rest of the paranormal careers, the Hinsdale House deserves our highest possible rating, for a number of reasons.


Prerate: 6.5

Investigation Score: 10

Final Rating: 8.25


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