Greater Rumford Community Center

Rumford, ME – The Greater Rumford Community Center is a location we’ve made three episodes about, because it warranted it. We’ll try to be brief in our recaps here because there is truly so much to include about this unassuming building.

We almost passed up the opportunity to visit the center because of the limited historical information and paranormal claims available online at the time… and we’re incredibly glad we didn’t. The GRCC is a 100-year-old building that has been a meeting place for thousands of community members over its lifetime. Functioning as the main stay for local mill workers to be entertained, or even housed, the amount of identities it faced during its tenure in town are limitless.

Now, however, it’s much quieter though still actively fulfilling its job for the town. Yet with the added quiet, unseen things are being observed. From dark entities, shadow play, object manipulation, people being pushed and scratched, antagonization, strange feelings throughout the building, and vertices, the GRCC truly was a cornucopia of paranormal activity. Yet even with all the claims and warnings, we truly weren’t prepared for what was going to unfold over the next few years of investigation.

Visit One (we’ve had 6 total, 3 of which were filmed):

It started off fast with Katie performing a protection spell and the fire alarm getting pulled 3 floors below, forcing us to cancel the spell and check for fire danger (then deal with the fire department). Calming from that, there were footsteps around the gym, Ash sighting ‘a bald man’ spirit stalking the team, audible evidence, EVPs, a Frank’s box session calling out to ‘Anne’, and a confusing encounter with a spirit that Katie called ‘The Magician’. Basically, the night exploded into a paranormal hot spot that required more study.

Episode Two:

This place was too much of a mystery not to return, so in Season 5 we revisited the place with an encounter that needed two episodes to hold it all. Part 1 was returning the supposed Dybbuk Box with the help of the Greg and Dana Newkirk of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult, and sorting out the truth behind it. Episode 2 was a unique experience for all of us, picking a haunted object as our ‘paranormal partner’ and investigating the place with a new lens, so see how the energies around our ‘partners’ change our experiences with the spirits, and other entities, within the building.

The Final Visit:

For our ultimate visit to the GRCC, the team wanted to go way out of the box and finally make some sense of the strange happenings there. We invited local light-worker, Bianca Pastrana, to work with Carol to see what she could gleam, all while Carol decided to create a map of the GRCC and list off all of our previous experiences and other team’s claims. What we immediately noticed was the activity bunched in pockets that rose like spires throughout the many floors. Therefore, each team picked a floor in which to conduct their research around the spires. Throughout a bizarre night of varied communication techniques, the team was brought to the theory that there is some kind of water elemental spirit inhabiting the building, but it’s been polluted and twisted due to the poor treatment of the nearby Androscogin River. With this the team pledged to raise awareness of this pollution and work together to help clean it up. Every little bit helps, and it falls on us to keep our world clean and healthy.


Prerate: 5

Investigation Score: 9

Final Rating: 7


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