Governor Hill Mansion

Augusta, ME – In 1902 prominent Maine architect, John Calvin Stevens was commissioned by Governor John Freemont Hill to build a home for Maine governors, and while the building still stands today, it operates as an event hall and office space. Still displaying original fixtures and decorations, the beautiful mansion is a gorgeous venue to look back in time at both style and spirits.

There are numerous stories attached to this building, including a story of two spectral lovers known as ‘The Lady in White’ and ‘The Horseman’ which is based on actual people who have historical relation to the building. While there are other ghostly claims of lights turning on and off, footsteps, and other personal encounters, it’s an old building and should be treated as such. Our goal this evening was to try to make contact with the lovers, more than prove whether or not this place is truly haunted.

Throughout the night we toured the enormous mansion from the attic to the basement. The attic was interesting because it was rumored to act as refuge for Japanese immigrants during WW2, and the team tried a warm and welcoming approach to try to build trust with these spirits as we intruded in their space. With this, they encountered abrupt noises and knocks. Again, it’s an old building, but these noises were accompanied by sudden headaches which vanished as the activity dissipated.

The most interesting part of the investigation was Carol’s solitary in the first level of the mansion. As she was questioning the spirits, she told us that she heard noises surrounding her. Meanwhile the rest of the team was two floors above her, working with Tarot cards that provided the message of ‘reuniting lovers.’ Along with this, Katie did a meditation finding a trickster spirit that was watching Carol… Carol’s teammates got extremely uncomfortable leaving her alone, and rushed to her side to hear her stories that the bumps and knocks had gotten extremely loud and she felt like she was being watched.

Overall, the team collected questionable sounds, a few K-II hits, and some personal experiences. While not overwhelming, the team decided that the paranormal activity happening here was more of a residual haunt than one they could connect with on a personal level, in order to help the spirits there.


Prerate: 3

Investigation Score: 3

Final Rating: 3


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