Belvoir Winery

Liberty, MO – Kicking off the “Haunt US” road trip and the team’s departure from Maine for the season, the investigators began their first investigation at the Belvoir Winery and Inn, a former Odd Fellows Campus. This case would require two nights though due to the sheer size, which in itself was a new opportunity of the investigators: using one night at triage and the second as deep communicative investigation with guest investigators Reanna Wilson and Dustin Pari from the show ‘Ghost Hunters’.

Beginning the night, owner Jesse Leimkuehler led the team through the renovated Orphanage, as well as the rougher Nursing Home and Hospital buildings, which needed to be traversed very carefully. From speaking with Jesse and knowing of IOOF traditions, Anna started off the night leading the team in a shadow work ritual which was reminiscent of what the Odd Fellows would do to initiate new members. This was meant to honor the beliefs and traditions of any spirits that may reside inside, but shortly after beginning the ceremony a hose broke on a nearby ice machine, showings the team with water and drowning out the first attempt at the ritual.

Soaked, but determined, Anna pressed on after the water mess was cleaned and the team continued the night with EVP sessions and mapping K-II anomalies throughout all the buildings so that they would have targeted areas to focus on during the second night.

With Reanna Wilson and Dustin Pari at the ready for night 2, the groups participated in the next phase of Anna’s ritual before heading off into the dark. The night included an incredible game session with children of the orphanage after Dustin played the spirits IOOF period appropriate ceremonial music, but got nerve wracking in the Nursing Home building as teams split and faced the darkness on their own. Dustin and Anna were unnerved by the form of something crawling through a dark hallway, while separately Carol, Reanna, and Ty were frightened by egregiously loud footsteps stomping above them and the sounds of metal slamming coming from an empty patient room. Sure this caliber of noise was a human intruder, the team swept the buildings tactical-style to find the person and ensure their safety, only to find that they were truly alone.

The two nights at the Inn were exceptional experiences for everyone involved, and one that we would highly recommend other investigators visiting on their own (and rewarding themselves afterwards with a glass of wine).


Prerate: 6

Investigation Score: 8

Final Rating: 7


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