Barclay Cemetery

Barclay, PA – Leaving Maine behind, we cross our border for the first time and transition from Haunt ME to Haunt US. Our destination was to reunite with Greg and Dana of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult nearby Greg’s hometown in PA to see some of his favorite haunts. One of those haunts, was where Greg saw his first full bodied apparition: that of a murdered man who was dumped in the high hills near Barclay Cemetery.

The journey in the dark and rural cemetery at the top of a mountain was scary in its own right, then you have to add on the layers of hauntings in this paranormal nexus. Cryptids, Ghosts, and potential alien experiences have all been witnessed here, and the team wanted to experience it all.

Almost immediately, the cemetery served up call and response rempod activity, alongside the Newkirk’s haunted object, Ruby the doll. The night quickly elevated further when Carol made contact with the spirit of ‘Timothy’ who she felt was pleading for her help in a lightning fast attachment, and she did everything she could to aid the lost boy. The climax of the investigation was the possible sasquatch encounter, as strange animal mimicry noises called out to the team from the woods in response to Greg and Dana’s ‘squatch calls they had learned from their experiences on the show ‘Finding Bigfoot’.


Prerate: 5

Investigation Score: 8

Final Rating: 6.5


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