Admiral Peary Inn

Fryeburg, ME – Starting off Season 4 with a bang, we were able to travel to a place we didn’t know had such strong ties to Maine. Currently named the Admiral Peary Inn, this bed and breakfast in Fryeburg housed famed arctic explorer ‘Robert E Peary’ from 1877-1881. This was about ten years before his first historic attempt to reach the north pole, but even before his fame he made his mark on the town as the town curator, taxidermist, and justice of the peace. Now, the home is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast, in which we were invited to spend the night during the off season so we wouldn’t disturb the living guests, just pester the dead ones.

From the owner, other paranormal teams, and patrons as well, we were able to accumulate quite a few claims before heading in. Some teams shared with us photos, we heard about full bodied apparitions, shadows, and footsteps, but most impactful was hearing about spirits that are so prominent they had been given names. Both Nathan and Abigail said to be children spirits that inhabited the second floor, and we aimed to seek them out this night.

Kicking off the investigation, the team went immediately in to debunking mode toward some of the claims they had an inkling on how to solve, working to maneuver bad plumbing in substitute of spirits.  Upon moving to the front of the building, Katie mentioned that the energy starkly changed, it was then that she shared an experience with Ty of actually seeing a visible entity with their naked eyes, solemnly staring out the window. Trying to debunk this, the team failed and took it as a solid experience.

Moving on from here into the middle of the house, another burst of activity occurred. Ty was touched on the shoulder as Ash had a troubling vision of someone being pushed down the staircase. In disbelief at the burst of experiences, the team focused up, grounded, and moved into an evp session with a Panasonic DR-60, capturing some of the most distinct audio evidence of conversational spirits to date. This was an example of uniting metaphysical evidence and technology.

Staying with the theme of audio communication, the team moved in to a very early version of an Estes Method session (without guidance from Karl Pfeiffer and Connor Randall yet). Ty left the girls in the active room and moved alone to the front of the house where he’d seen the spirit on the bed in order to hold a Q&A session with his digital audio recorder. Both the Estes method on the other side of the building and the audio session with Ty seemed to fail, until our director was editing the footage together and realized that it indeed did NOT fail, but the Estes Method session was actually answering the questions Ty was asking in the other room. This was an incredible find for us, as we learned that distance has little bearing to the other side.

This was an incredible restart for us as it contained substantial opportunities to debunk claims, and even more opportunities to experience the paranormal. We got live EVPs, worked through Ty and Katie’s sighting as well as Ashley’s ghostly vision, and got to test around some working theories with a spirit box. And while this is incredible evidence, we still feel as though there’s’ a deeper story to uncover. So, if anyone out there reading this has had experiences, let us know, and let’s rebuild the story together.


Prerate: 5

Investigation Score: 7

Final Rating: 6


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