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Join the paranormal adventures of Maine’s award winning web series as we explore the legends and lore of our great state and beyond. Carol Cleveland, Ty Gowen, and Anna Halloran journey to uncover the ghostly secrets of the unknown and deliver it to viewers throughout 6 seasons of investigations. Come explore Maine’s best paranormal locations with the team and decide for yourself: is it haunted or not?

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Season 6

Explore Haunt ME’s six years of paranormal investigation and extranormal adventures. With the last six years teaching each team member that the unseen can be stranger than anyone could have ever expected, it’s time to push forward into the unexplored – with a bit of help growing our skills.

This season each investigator teamed up with a leader in their area of interest and helped them elevate their investigation style and strategy to the next level. Open your minds and learn along with the team with a season of paranormal exploration unlike any yet.

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Pennhurst Asylum - Haunt ME - S6:E6 (Part 2)

The final episode of our sixth season.The investigation at Pennhurst Asylum concludes in a most unexpected way. See what we find, help us understand more. Learning how to work together as a team, incorporate the teachings of our paranormal mentors, and compile our research climaxed into one of our most difficult cases yet. One that reminds us that sometimes, love is enough. *Tarot Equivalent: Five of Swords*Stay haunted, stay spooky, and stay with us throughout the rest of the year. Thank you for watching and subscribing.Be sure to subscribe to this paranormal channel to stay caught up! Find more at www.haunt-me.com www.ko-fi.com/hauntmeofficialKeep connected with us, you ghosts and ghouls: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hauntmeoff... Insta: https://www.instagram.com/hauntmeof... Twitter: https://twitter.com/hauntmeofficial

The Team

Carol Cleveland

The Manesologist

Clocking in with the most years of investigation experience, and most varied breadth of paranormal knowledge, Carol brings courage and inspiration to the team. Ever the guide, Carol will be the first one to lead her hunters through danger, and the last to leave.

Ty Gowen

The Analyst

With an audio recorder at his side and a K-2 meter at the ready, Ty focuses on grounding mysteries in an approachable way. Striving to translate the world of weird into something tangible, he travels through strange locations with his shield up and mind open.

Anna Halloran

The Antiquarian

The newest cast member of Haunt ME, Anna is a seeker of knowledge when it comes to all things paranormal. As Antiquarian, Anna endeavors to understand all aspects of the paranormal, and relay the stories of those she encounters.

Katie Webb

The Occultist

Wielder of arcane knowledge, Katie brings a unique and powerful skill set to the team: pure magic. By harnessing the occult like a sword, Katie aims to cut through the darkness; promising to bring light to those who seek it, both living and beyond.

The Crew

Nick Nordfors

Executive Producer / Director

Ty Gowen

Producer / Location Scout

Erin Cross

Associate Producer

Johnny Speckman

Associate Producer

Mike Strout

Technical Producer

Krista Ryall

Web / Line Producer

Anna Halloran

Associate Producer