On this day ruled by the Moon, we see our beautiful sister, Venus, entering her home sign of Libra. Harmony is bestowed upon the planet when she sits in her cardinal sign of partnership and leadership. This masterful interaction lasts a short time before Venus goes retrograde, so work your love spells quickly (best suited on Fridays). So, while we get this harmony in our heart chakras and air elements, we also see the Black Moon Lilith entering Aquarius and beginning a conjunction with Mars. This energy can be confusing to deal with when coming out of the weekend and into the work week. For the people not working today, journal up! This is an unbelievable energy for tapping deep into the recesses of one’s psyche and figuring our what’s not working. Not surface level shit, like, what’s DEEPLY not working within, and it’s perfect timing. With the New Moon joining us on Saturday and Jupiter slowly coming to a close in Scorpio, you’ll be happy to figure this out. Learn your boundaries and how to respect others. Gain self awareness. If you try to push aside any of this work, Venus opposite Chiron will kick you right in the ass. What’s that heartache you feel? Oh, it’s just all the self assessment homework that you’ve been trying to get the healers to do for you. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK YOURSELF. And yes, you have work to do. This isn’t a post that doesn’t apply to you, so, none of that self-righteousness up in here. The Queen of Wands comes forward to teach you how to go through all of these feelings while feeling the tight grip of the Sun square Jupiter. The dynamics of this transit can make you feel like you’re trying to grow in the firm grip of Zeus himself. Remember her mantra, “I am the storm.” Remember the necessity for creating healthy boundaries for yourself and respecting others when they do the same. This is a powerful day for transformative ideals to take shape and turn you into someone you’ve only dreamt of being. Take the time to sort yourself out.


Our 4th Quarter Moon opposes Pluto today. As a paranormal investigator and practitioner of magic, Pluto is a favorite fascination for me. You can use Pluto in your magic to open doors of growth and destruction. When it opposes the Moon on a day ruled by Mars, I wouldn’t use it for any of those things. What I would do, however, is reflect on what I learned yesterday about myself and the boundaries I need in my life, and I would create a sigil to turn that idea into habit. I would also look at my intentions. Have your manifestations been to benefit you and only you? Do you think that if you just had this one thing this way then your life would be so different? The King of Swords and Judgement have come forward today to remind you of the origins of magic and the Occult. We are working on ourselves to raise the vibration of the collective. So, if your manifestations come from jealous feelings or resentment, or you communicate solely through passive aggressive Facebook posts and tweets, then you might need a deep evaluation of self. It’s not your goal to be instagram famous. It’s not your goal to be on tv. Your goal is to elevate yourself to a point to where you’re elevating others. Everything else will fall into place.


You might get a taste of what Venus retrograde will feel like for you today as it sits opposite Chiron. You practiced boundaries for a reason. Everything is where and as it should be, so if you’re having trouble in relationships Temperance wants you to remember that all will be well if you put in the work. Magic is an energy just like anything else, and if you expect it to carry the load, it will drop you. Try merging two sides of self today. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. Switch it up today. New ideas are around and ready to gain momentum.


The 4 of Cups shows up on this day ruled by Jupiter. It’s not a day for resolving any broken relationships, but instead look within and think about what you want out of your relationships in your life. This reflects back on the boundaries work from the beginning of the week. Be openly honest with yourself, and admit to yourself what you want from the individuals in your life. Now look at the actual relationship you have with that person. What can you control and do to get your relationship headed in the best direction?


We have another big energy day in our midst. Today is perfect for getting ready for tomorrow’s New Moon and partial solar eclipse, but it’s also the perfect day for healing. With Mars opposing the Black Moon Lilith, it won’t FEEL like a good day for healing, but it’s perfect for looking within and having realizations on how YOU show up. Today will show you how YOU impact each situation and how you can begin to make the changes yourself, to get the life you want. Part of magic is taking the steps,yourself. Part of magic is sitting in silence and letting those moments wash over your mind. Let today teach you how to take the steps toward getting what you want. And no, that doesn’t involve reaching out to someone else. It’s Mercury Retro, that’s not recommended. It’s YOU. How YOU move through this world needs some tweaking and changing. Listen up for the answers.


The High Priestess holds hands with our New Moon in Leo. They dance together along the waves of the ocean and through your blood stream. On this day ruled by Saturn, let yourself be the student. Today is allllllllll about checking your ego. Remember that boundary work from the beginning of the week? Remember how you were supposed to set aside low vibrational behaviors like judging others or viewing someone else through your eyes? Remember that? Well, if you don’t check that ego of yours, it will check you. Elevate yourself so you can elevate others. It’s the words of the week.