The New Moon of May has arrived! It is said that you feel the pull of a New Moon 4 days before it occurs and 4 days after it occurs. With this being a Super Moon, that is absolutely true. We are experiencing huge transformations! We’ve been talking about feeling a horizon coming up, but we can’t seem to see it or see over it. You’ll begin to see how things are taking shape for you over the next week or so. We have some planetary shifts to assist us with this process, but you’re doing a lot of the work yourself. Your manifestations from the prior New Moons of 2017 will start to take form from this moment forward. It isn’t going to be all bright and shiny, because how would we grow, but it’s all going to be significant and developmental. In western astrology the Moon is moving into Gemini. There are many articles about the duality of this sign and the chaos approaching, but I don’t see a lot of chaos, in the next week anyway. The King of Wands has shown up to guide us through this New Moon in Taurus/Rohini. This card ignites a ripple we’re going to see flow through our lives until Sunday. A man, seated in the lotus position, floats between the Sun and Moon. A Kundalini serpent slithers up his back, and an outpouring of energy flows from his head. Kundalini proclaims major transformation, as I have mentioned before. Whatever has transpired over the past four days has an unstoppable momentum. All you have to do to keep it going is to keep the balance. We are being swept up in a rapid current, and even if it’s uncomfortable, it’s up to us to go with the flow.