This post is for both Saturday and Sunday. When pulling cards for the individual days, I pulled the same card for these two days!

Let’s first start by talking about numerology. On Thursday, our card was the Four of Cups. Today and tomorrow, it is the Four of Pentacles. Fours represent a need for stability. Picture a square in your minds eye. It has four equal sides and stands perfectly stable. Building up a stable framework to our lives is important, but what is equally, if not more important, is keeping our energetic flow and growth alive. These are the balances we are trying to perfect right now. It’s time to find the group of people that loves you for who you are and encourages your growth, even if and especially if, it doesn’t serve their own needs, and time to perfect your home and work life.

On the Four of Pentacles we see a woman with a bow and arrow holding the weapon before her. Behind her is her domain, two castles in the sky.

When we receive this card, we are to develop our morality and virtue, with an emphasis on maintaining emotional, physical, and spiritual standards. We must incorporate these values into the structure of our being and become an example to others.