It’s probably no surprise to at least some of you, that from now until the New Moon in August (the 11th), we will be experiencing some wildly transformative times. Transformation shows it’s face in a myriad of ways. For many of us, it will feel like our lives are falling apart. For other, it might show up as an explosion of “good luck”. Our ability to go with the flow will dictate how we move through these changes. On Monday, we will see Venus flirt with Mars in Aquarius, along with MANY other planetary changes. Monday might feel like chaos. Monday breeds car accidents and fights with close family. It will be hard to keep our heads on straight, but you can. You know this is coming, and you’re prepared.

The Tower might just be the most feared tarot card in the deck. Living through fear is no way to live, so let’s look at why we should love The Tower. The Tower steps in and challenges us to change or it will do it for us. In many decks, the card represents external change. So, if you’re not willing to break up with that emotionally abusive partner or quit your job, The Tower will usher in a whopper of energy to do the work for you. In this Serpentfire deck, The Tower represents internal change. If you’ve been struggling with your perspective on a situation, or if you’ve been in a self expression rut, The Tower is here to guide you through it in a way that suits you best. There’s a good chance you’ll feel like your insides are being ripped apart, but let it happen. Know this is for you. This is a custom life change that’s taking you places you wouldn’t have dared to imagine. Do your best to deal with people through compassion today. You’re not the only one in a rough spot. We’ll all need some tenderness this week. Especially when Tuesday and Wednesday show up. We’re in for a double dose of Death.

So, while The Tower represents internal rebirth, Death is external rebirth. Expect you and everyone you know to have something unexpected happen this week that will shake up your social circle. This is a MASSIVE astrological shift from old paradigm ways and into a new life. Again, the right outlook it everything. If you feel like life just took a big turd in your bed, it’s because you weren’t making the necessary changes. Your life isn’t bad. There’s immense societal pressure to be a certain way, have this or that by a certain age, collect a certain amount of money or you’re “uncivilized”. Being “civilized” is just another colonial white-washing term to damn people that are different then you. Embrace all of the changes, especially the ones that push you further outside of the “norm”. You might end up struggling monetarily or socially, but you’re one step closer to the truth and to an all serving purpose. Once everything that’s shaken begins to settle down, we see the Star swoop in for necessary energy in the continual push for a new way of life.

The Star encourages to put our past behind us. Just like that. This card doesn’t want you to grieve your past. Whatever gets shaken loose for you, move on immediately. Don’t take time to mourn the loss, take the time to plan your next move. The Star is all about creating relationships and communities with like minded individuals that will help you serve your highest good. Crystallize your past. Put it right in a quartz. You can gaze on it later if you feel like, but it’s time to put old ideas and mindsets away. We move together as a pack, and we move to lift up others around us. No more oppression. Only loud voices and living our dreams. By Friday, you might be totally exhausted, but the Universe has one more task for you.

Celebrate. Friday is a celebration. Call out of work if you have to. Get together with your favorite people, and do something that will make you all laugh from the depths of your gut. Friday is for elation. We acknowledge the duality of life, and know, that even when hard times hit us, we celebrate. We celebrate the hardest of times because they will bring the highest happiness. As low as it can be, the high will match that energy, and it’s coming. So, celebrate your changes this Friday. Celebrate this entire week of Major Arcana (my fellow card readers know how wild that is). Celebrate yourself. I’ll be celebrating you too.