This week we allow endings to transform our lives for new seasons to come. We welcome the falling of leaves, the greying of skies, and the final harvest before the cold swallows us whole.



Our second quarter Moon shines light on the Nine of Pentacles today. We are encouraged to look back at 2018. Look back at the personal growth, development, and strength you’ve received through all that you went through this year. How can these lessons be applied to your life for the greater good? How can you be a conduit for a larger plan? Think big today. Think of yourself as part of a master plan. Where do you fit in?


We see Mars at odds with Uranus today. This could create frustration in your plans for world domination. Even if everything feels like it’s slow or working against you, continue on. The 9 of Cups reminds us that this is a great moment to practice for gratitude. Find things, both personally and globally, to be proud of today.


Today, The Tower shows up to reorganize our plans. How can your frustrations from yesterday be turned into productivity today? Let go of partners not willing to meet you at the door, and let go of ideas that have you burnt out and exhausted. If you’re not totally excited about where you’re going, you need a new lane. Keep excitement and stay open. There are opportunities coming for you beyond your wildest dreams, so let all new experiences in. Let them teach you, train you, and get you prepared for what’s next. Seek out teachers and people who want the same experiences as you.


As the Sun sits conjunct Mercury, we are asked to communicate our needs to others. For some of you, it might put a strain on certain relationships. It’s perfectly normal to take different paths as your partner. The 8 of Cups wants to remind you that It’s perfectly normal to take the same path as some friends and colleagues. Whatever you do will be you and yours. Example; I have a ton of friends that are into astrology and read cards. We all like to post our findings. I still like and share their posts even though I write my own because we all have something different to offer. We can all look at the same astrology chart and have a different perspective. It’s beautiful! We can all be doing the same exact thing and have completely different results because we’re all unique individuals. Be inspired by your dreams/friends/colleagues and go forth. Do what feels right. If it pulls you apart, it pulls you apart. You’ll eventually find friends along the new path.


The Mabon festivities begin today, for the Fall Equinox shines on us tomorrow. As we let go of the Sun, we bask in our growth. The 9 of Cups shows up again to remind us that our journey is the goal. There’s no finish line except for death. We are the choices we make, the things we say, and the experiences we have. We are constant forward movement, if we want to be. Mabon is a celebration of gratitude. It’s the moment we realize that it’s not dark and light within us that’s important, it’s just us. You don’t need to describe your overindulgence as a demon or a darkness within yourself. If it throws you off balance, know that you can come back into that perfect harmony of self. Today is a great day to sink into your subconscious to find the why’s.


Today is the final harvest of the season. Summer is officially over. Today we have a tornado of energy brewing in the sky, quite a day for magic! We see Mercury in opposition to Chiron (our wounded healer), our Sun enters Libra (my favorite time of year…I’m a mega libra lol), and Mercury quincunx Uranus for a fully transformational energy perfect for manifestation. Draw your sigils and give thanks fellow witches. The Empress is here to insist we create beauty and love with our intentions, so saddle up! Let’s do this. Today is our day!


The BME (big manifestation energy) continues today with the Sun in opposition to Chiron, Mercury square Saturn, and Mercury trine Mars. Today isn’t a day of rest. Work work work work work (sung in the key of Rihanna). The King of Swords is standing outside of a temple made just for them. What does your temple look like? Who is there with you? What are they doing? What does utopia mean to you? Work toward the answers to these questions. Even if it’s the smallest step and feels unimportant. Take it. You’ll be surprised where you’re able to go.