Let’s talk about Season Three

We have encountered more than the Haunt Me team has ever experienced.  We have watched Ashley, Ty, Katie, and Carol all experience apparitions, voices, demons in boxes, but the investigations don’t stop there.   Adventure continues, even off the camera.  Check out our discoveries after the Haunt is over! Welcome to Haunt Me: After Dark.

The Magician: The Greater Rumford Community Center

The Greater Rumford Community Center is one of our most intense episodes in Season Three, however, everything you see on camera is only a portion of what we have experienced in this historic Maine location.  Over the course of Season 3 we have scouted, investigated, and returned to this historic building, each time gathering new and different evidence.  With new evidence means: more digging, and more connections to be discovered.

The Trampoline Room

In a brief investigation after The Magician aired, Ty came across a female presence in the the ‘trampoline room’.  Pictured below is that very room in 1911 (courtesy of Maine Historical Society – https://www.vintagemaineimages.com/artifact/78969/cart)  If you have seen the episode, this is connected to the first room we see the team enter.


Back when the GRCC was the Mechanics Institute, a place for the local men of the mills to learn and relax, there was a Ladies Auxiliary Association who also spent time there.  Could this woman be a part of this Institution?  Was she related to one of the men here?  While we couldn’t get any further information from the entity in the trampoline room, I needed to know more, specifically about the other entities the team encountered.  Who is the Bald Man Ashley found in the basement, or Jim Jim in the stairwell?

Who is Jim Jim?

Ash and Katie’s encounter on the stairwell with a white entity was a mystery.  Was this Jim Jim?  It took some digging, but eventually I came across this article from the Lewiston Evening Journal: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=ofcoAAAAIBAJ&sjid=vGYFAAAAIBAJ&pg=2894%2C641623.  


Here, the Sun Journal talks about a young man, James Morse, who had a heart attack while in the gym (presumably the Mexico High Gym, where he coached, also featured in a Haunt ME episode) during basketball practice.  It turns out he was part of the Board of Directors at The Mechanics Institute in Rumford, or, as we refer to it: The GRCC. Is this the entity Ashley and Katie came in contact with on the stairs?  Is James the infamous apparition who does not like people walking around his gym?

Who, or what is the bald man?

I had a harder time finding information on the bald man.  There were a few men who ran The Mechanics institute, and had a significant lack of hair, but unfortunately I’m not sure that qualifies them.  Regardless, creepy does not begin to describe that basement.  We have all had some terrifying experiences there, crew and investigation team alike.  I am o.k. without putting a face to whatever resides down there.

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