We have a lot of fun on the set of Haunt ME, and we are super excited to bring you our brand new season, where Ashley, Ty, Carol, and Katie experience new locations, new terrors, and handle them like champs.  When we are not filming, we’re definitely a tight knit group and enjoy exploring the non-haunted side of Maine (i.e. beaches, bars, and restaurants.)  We were planning our current season one evening while hunting Pokemon at a very conveniently located restaurant (it was right between two Pokestops loaded with lures… I swear we were working) and we got to talking about our experiences and how far Haunt Me has developed from Season 1.

So what’s changed?

Our Investigators have grown in their abilities to  communicate with the paranormal to extraordinary new lengths, and it got us thinking, how has the crew, a group of relatively skeptical people, changed?  If we think about the last four years, going from Carol’s house to the Greater Rumford Community Center and beyond, we have filmed some pretty crazy stuff.  So, how has Haunt Me changed us?  This is what I found out:

“I told the spirits they couldn’t follow me home.  I don’t think I could control the spirits no matter how much I believed in that statement” -Nick Nordfors

The biggest question I had for my crew mates was: How has working on Haunt Me affected their belief in the paranormal?  The majority of us didn’t believe, mostly because we didn’t have a reason to.  I know for me each episode has become a new challenge to capture the truth.  It’s like they say in the X-Files: I want to believe.  For Nick (producer and editor extraordinaire), he started producing Haunt Me without a single thought to the existence of spirits.  Focusing mostly on the flow of the episode itself, it wasn’t until Hillside Hall that he really started to tune into the unknown: “When the mysterious man showed up the first night, it shook me […] Since then I’ve been much more open to the idea that we are interacting with something and it makes the whole experience much more lucrative and terrifying.” 

A Crew full of Muggles

No one on our crew would call themselves inherently psychic, or in any way “in tune” with the paranormal; in fact, we tend to be the most skeptical.  So when one of us experiences anything out of the ordinary, it is not only shocking, but almost validates the moment.  It is interesting, as camera crew, we are told to run toward the danger, but at times I find myself too frozen in the moment and get caught up insights and observations of the investigators to chase down the shadow figure.  (Also, running toward the danger is terrifying.)

Behind the Scenes

Nick goes through a lot to take our footage and create an amazing episode from it.  It isn’t easy to separate yourself from the experiences enough to focus on what the audience might find interesting.  He watches hours of footage to present the viewers with a story line which represents a mere fraction of what we experience.  There have been some crazy personal encounters that don’t make it into episodes, and sometimes those are the most powerful.

In this upcoming season we meet some familiar characters which have a profound effect on both investigators and crew alike, creating some new and terrifying experiences on Haunt ME.  On our latest investigation, Nick was filming our investigators when he heard a strange sound: “I heard a chain, and an animal-like noise and everyone stopped.  I legitimately felt terrified in that moment.”  Experiences like this are the hardest to utilize in an episode if they are not caught on the recorders or film like Charlies’ most terrifying experience below…

But wait there’s more…

Like Nick, Charlie started with Haunt Me in Season 1 experiencing the vastness that is the Biddeford Mills.  Now, I didn’t go on this investigation, but having experienced the Biddeford Mills during a recent video shoot, I can understand Charlie’s fascination with some place that has so much history, especially with the evidence they caught that night: “We heard what sounded like a little girl laughing.  My hair stood on end, and my heart started racing.”  

Disembodied voices are, for me, the most terrifying.  They come from no where, and not everybody hears them.  Charlie, Ash and Ty were able to corroborate hearing the little girl voice, but what happens when no one else hears?  Thousands of questions rush through your mind: What are thy trying to say?  Are they only talking to me?  How come only a few (if any) heard this?  It is unnerving how real a voice can be, and how the person next to you won’t hear it.  This is why EVPs are so incredibly awesome, sometimes they catch what we can’t, more importantly, sometimes they support what only some hear.

This isn’t the movies

I always imagined ghost hunting would be like the movies; with things flying and the paranormal all but hits you in the face.  The truth is, it is so much more subtle than that.  It’s hours exploring through a dark mill following flickering shadows and a gut feeling until you hear a voice speak to you, and it’s terrifying  because you are surrounded by darkness and can only see through a 2″ x 2″ screen where the people you are hunting with, haven’t said a word…

Stay tuned for more paranormal experiences coming your way!