Venus comes forth in the form of The Empress. Since coming out of exaltation, the numbers on our cards are very low. This signifies the start of a new journey. We came prepared. We have been doing the work, and are ready to meet this Queen right at her doorstep. The Empress takes nothing and needs nothing but the bounty within her spiritual wealth. She is pleased with our journey. She is the archetypal mother, possessing maternal wisdom, and the desire for the wellbeing of all. Her soul is fertile and calming to all those who encounter her. If you don’t feel like you’re able to sit with her on this throne, invoke her. Her healing powers are deep. Today is a day to ask for guidance if you need it, if you do not, continue to celebrate your power. The moon sits at it’s first quarter stage, so you can expect to grow, learn, and feel the positive transformation if you engage.