Today, we see the beginning of a five day stretch of Major Arcana cards. Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter, the day of our growth and gifts of manifestation, is ushered forward to us by the Hierophant.

We are to learn from these sacred masters today. We are to learn the ways of spirit and body to become wise teachers ourselves. This card shows up to always remind us to teach someone in our likeness. Whatever you regularly work on, share that information with someone. Doing that won’t make for someone copying you, it will make for someone processing what you do through their filter, and it will generate more answers. We need as many perspectives as possible while searching for the truth and light. I want to also mention, this card shows up the day after the Full Moon and the day before The World. Yesterday, with our Full Moon in Pisces//Aquarius, we heightened our emotions and personal drive to keep meaningful relationships. The beginning of our week showed nothing but Cups and Pentacles, simply letting us know that the people in our lives right now will be there longer then we know, and we have a lot to learn from each other. Adding all of that together with the solar flare that occurred yesterday, I would begin to take some quiet time and process the beginning of the week. The flare is sending us inspiration, and we’ll need some time to download. We’ll need some silence. Meditate on the ways you’re a leader/teacher/inspiration to others. How can you share these talents moving forward? How can you engage in the global trauma in a meaningful way? What do you have to bring to the table for hurricane/fire/laws against humanity? Do you have time? Money? Connections? How can you help people in your community right now?

The World and the Hierophant ask us to think large scale. They want us to think as if humanity is one giant team and we’re all in this life together. What are the gifts that we been afforded to share with others? Now is the time to rise up as the leader of your field. If you have been reading the blog, you know we’ve been preparing for this. We’ve practiced staying humble. We know there isn’t one right answer. We know there isn’t one perfect teacher. Let your gifts rise up from the center of your body and into the energetic realm around you. If you’re unsure what you contribute, take that time in silence. Listen for the inspiration from the solar flare yesterday. Listen to September, the month of the Unsealed Letter, revelations. Listen to the growth Jupiter wants to instill, if it’s Friday, listen to the Love and Beauty that Venus is passing forth to you. Nothing is coincidence right now. Make the most of every moment. Don’t let anything slip you by.

If, by Saturday, you still haven’t had any major epiphanies, it’s probably because your job is intense and important, and the need for Strength is greater than you know, maybe even greater than you think you’re capable of achieving.

As the Sun trines Pluto retrograde today, we are asked to look at our subconscious deepest desires. This card is representing two situations for us right now, one being a check in with ourselves. We’re being asked to check inside of ourselves and make sure what we’re doing/how we’re living is what WE want, not a want fabricated by someone else. Did you actually WANT to be a mother? Was that a dream you had as a child? Did you desire the ideas of bringing a human into this life, watching and caring for them, and then letting them go to be who they are destined to be? Or, were you taught that that was supposed to be the next step in your life? Were you not offered other opportunities or choices? It’s ok to be a mom and not want to be. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your kid(s), and it doesn’t mean you should stop. What it means is, figuring out what you would have done instead and doing that thing alongside being a mom. You will inspire your child(ren) to do the same. You don’t have to put your life on hold for your child. Being authentically yourself while being a parent is a gift to your child. Maybe that’s not your scenario at all, but I bet some of us are married to someone we don’t love because we thought marriage was the next step, or we’re focused on a job we hate because it makes us the most money. You can keep the job if it allows you to also pursue your dreams, but you can’t stay with someone just because you think you should. The time is now to make these changes. The second reason the Strength card has shown up is actual strength. We’re living in catastrophic times. We’re living in times of great change. Our planet is pissed off at us. Earth was here before humans, and if you think we kill it before it kills us, you have another thing coming. It is time to make some positive life choices, and teach others to do the same. It’s not going to be easy, but that’s why we’re being given a boost of Universal Strength. We’re also being given The World one more time for Sunday!

Every revelation you have from Thursday-Sunday needs to be shared. I don’t mean on Facebook either. I mean with people you can impact regularly. Does your house need to start composting? Can you buy one jar of large yogurt instead of individuals? Can we use glass containers instead of plastic? (Glass isn’t environmentally awesome to make, but you can have the containers longer because they won’t break down over time and cause cancer, etc) Can you carpool? Can you inspire your co-workers to get on a healthy walking/running routine that gives them more energy to take on the world? How can you inspire others? We are asked to look deep and offer our wisdom. We must remain careful when passing on our wisdom. It isn’t up to us to force others to change, you can only give them the tools, and we don’t need to judge others if they choose to live differently. We can just be that beacon of love, light, and inspiration and hope they follow. What works for you won’t work for everyone. Again, there are many teachers.

Now isn’t the time to keep anything to yourself. Share your growth, share your love, and share your insight.