The Sun is working through us in big ways this week. Pay attention to what causes an emotional reaction within yourself. These will be indicators as to where your focus should be in life.

Monday kicks off with the Ace of Wands. When Pisces works through us we feel a heart-wrenching connection to life. What voluntary act of living is pushing you forward? The passion you feel for this activity is in a highly transformative state right now. This transformation will include the breaking down of systems in your life hat don’t contribute to your passions, and it will include a lesson in self love. By the time we process all these energetics, we will feel like we’re standing on a mountaintop overlooking a horizon. This horizon is invisible to everyone around us, but our hearts are swelling.

By the end of the week, our brains will be testing the self-love-meter. Dark thoughts will try to creep their way in, but remember, we are on a path with our higher selves. We are working toward our dreams, and our dreams are beginning to feel tangible.

The Hierophant reminds us to remain flexible. What shows up for us might not be what we planned, but everything is working in our favor.