Once again we see the King of Pentacles coming forward. Can you guess why? The Universe has huge things in store for this week, and until we start breaking out of old habits, change won’t occur. We aren’t pawns that the Stars play with. We are sentient beings that hold pieces of the Universe in us. We are the Universe. We have to play our role in order for anything to happen. If we just stand by and wait, that’s all we’ll do. If we doubt ourselves and think nothing good could happen, then nothing good will happen. If we work together, we can create an entirely new world. We are the power. You have the power. Think in terms of, “I can,” and “I am.” You will start to see change taking shape.

Again, we are asked to look to the Earth for wisdom. Seek out like minds and new hobbies. Change your routine. Change your route to work. Change everything that you can and that you’re willing to change. You’ll start to see blessings around every corner.