The King of Pentacles has been showing up a lot over the past couple of weeks. This is a constant reminder to break out of old habits. It’s our responsibility to pave a new path, and we can’t do that if we are making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s time to create new foot prints. Change the routine. Change the places you shop, change your hair. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new job or moving. Do it. Put those plans in action. Our astrology has turned us into motivated beings who are waking up and realizing that it’s time to get it done. Be the person you admire, live your dreams. This card wants to remind us that our bodies are our machine that we use to attain love, money, meaning, and all other facets of existence on this third dimensional plane.

You can do and be anything you want in this life. You just have to know you can.