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Retrograde Armor Shirt


She come’s at you when you’re down and won’t pick you up for at least 2 weeks, but now you can be ready for her. That’s right, with all the arcane protective powers of cotton, you can now armor up against Mercury Retrograde.

Show you’re friends you’re prepared. Show them you’re not messing around. 

Making Your Deck Work for You


Making Your Deck Work for You is a class that will teach you some easy solutions for doing day to day readings for yourself and others. The class started as a live session where we discussed reading cards for yourself and how hard that can be with your own bias on your life. We focus on tarot spreads made by Katie that allow that bias to slip by the wayside. We talk about the different suits and how to manipulate them to get what you need out of the tarot. This class is for beginners and people that are more advanced with their deck and just want to learn some new techniques. After you purchase the class, you’ll get a Facebook friend request from Katie and will be invited into a secret group. In the group is the video from the live session, and some worksheets you can print out that will serve as a guide. If, at any point during the video, you have questions, you can ask them, and Facebook will notify Katie. So, it’s still an interactive class, even though the live portion has already taken place.

April 8: Court Cards & the Many Ways to Use Them


Court Cards and the Many Ways to Use Them is a class dedicated solely to the Kings and Queens of the Deck. We will talk about what the court cards represent for each suit, and we will talk about how to incorporate the Court Cards into magic. This will serve as an intro to the next class, which will incorporate tarot into witchcraft, along with tarot into ghost hunting. This is a live class, but if you can’t make the live date, the video will be available to watch at any time. There will be worksheets available for printing as well.

May 6: Tarot Cards, Witchcraft, and Ghosts


Tarot Cards, Witchcraft, and Ghosts is the third installment in the tarot class series. This will be a beginner’s class for introducing tarot cards to every day Witchcraft. We will talk about how to work with the Moon cycle, herbs, crystals, and how to conjure different cards. We will also talk about how to work with tarot cards and magic while you ghost hunt. This will be a 2 hour class, minimum. It will have worksheets, but you’re most likely going to want a notebook as well. We’re doing magic and ghost hunting in one class because the magic behind conjuring tarot cards can be fully translated into a ghost hunting technique. This class is like the others. Once you buy it, you’ll be invited into a Facebook group. In the group you’ll find the worksheets you need and the live video, so if you can’t make the live class, you can always watch it later.