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  • Journey through the many changes within the year, and prime yourself for what lies ahead. Focused on the Nordic view of the transitioning seasons, this nine-rune cast explores the upcoming year and how and what is in store for you. The best defense is a good offense, and this cast brings what’s hidden into the light.Best for: Providing a year’s forecast worth of insight, to help you prepare for what’s to come.Activation: A memory of the last holiday you celebrated.
  • Carol Fanclub Shirt


    Carol would have killed us if we didnt include this design, so here it is...

    (She's a mess, but she's our mess.)

  • Delve deep into Norse Mythology and the influenceYggdrasil(their tree of life) has within your own life’s journey. An intense look into the nine realms and their impact on you, this rune reading focuses on creating a complete blueprint of the energies surrounding your life. Examine the effect of each realm, from Asgard to Hel, and their pull on you with this highly personalized reading.Best for: Delving into how you are creating the life you are living, both on a conscious and unconscious level, while illuminating how to make changes to get what you want out of life.Activation: Your earliest memory.
  • Discover your driving force and it’s relation to your past, present, and future with this four rune cast. Gain insight to your life’s trajectory, challenges, and windfalls as you explore the path to your greatest potential.Best for: A blast of insight with a standard general reading of your life at the moment.Activation: The name of your favorite book.
  • Ty Tuesday Awesome Tee


    Contrary to popular belief, this shirt can be worn any day of the week! Sport the look and inflate Ty's ego!

  • 9am. Stuck at work. Dreaming of your next investigation? Us too.LET EVERY ONE KNOW but quietyly and passively as not to disturb the normals. This mug can do that. (We think this mug would look great with prentious foam art)
  • This book catalogs the entire series through astrology. It contains every investigation the team filmed and a full astrological report on those haunts. The back of the book has empty pages for you to work with on your own or to consult with Katie on. This book is aimed at starting a bigger discussion about how our astrological movements potentially effect paranormal investigation. So, get your pens and pencils and start binging the show. It’s time to find out if the Cancer Moon makes supernatural entities extra emotional too.The paper these books are made out of is hand-crafted by Katie, as well as the entire book itself. Each one will be unique and one-of-a-kind. She uses storm and moon water to make her papers, so you’re getting that classic Haunt ME magic as well. This is a pre-order. Expect it to take several weeks for your made-to-order book to arrive.
  • Retrograde Armor Shirt


    She come's at you when you're down and won't pick you up for at least 2 weeks, but now you can be ready for her. That's right, with all the arcane protective powers of cotton, you can now armor up against Mercury Retrograde.

    Show you're friends you're prepared. Show them you're not messing around. 


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