September is the month of sprouting growth. We planted seeds all August, and this month, we’re going to see the beginnings of major developments taking place. There’s a TON of divine intervention, so, if we’re doing our part, the Universe is repaying us in a big way.

The card that kicks off the pace of the month is the Two of Wands, the “Master of Fates.” Lightning strikes all around us while we continue our progression onto bigger and better things. We are feeling the unsettling astral energies. We are feeling hostility brewing around us. We know that this day is kickstarting our month, so remaining balanced is going to be a major life key today. We hold the power in our hands to not contribute to the fire, but with that being said, it’s not necessarily up to us to put it out either. Let hostility stir and prepare yourself for Mars to continue to brew up this energetic here and there all month long. Tomorrow Mars makes some changes, and if we keep up our elevation, we’ll see ourselves making changes as well.

Taking the high road at the beginning of this month pays off handsomely. We achieve an ability to work through anything. We begin to learn what it takes to be our best selves, even in hard times. We begin to learn what we need from others and our environment to make success viable for us, even when Mars is rampaging through the cosmos. Temperance combines with the Two of Wands to shoot our first full week of September into a growing lesson for us. Pay attention to your needs right now. Know that you have to. Know that everyone is feeling these growing pains, and in order to reap the biggest harvest in October, it’s imperative that you look after yourself this month. Learn how to navigate these muddy waters. When you combine every color of the rainbow, you get a muddy mess, which is why our alignment feels so off. Focus in on your individual energy centers, light some candles in your house, invoke and invite peace. The next two days play together with these first two days as well, so the 8 of Pentacles will influence your Sunday and the way you invite peace into your house.

The 8 of Pentacles wants us to be easy on ourselves. We all have different stages of growth. Be tender with yourself, all month long. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else. There is no specific timeline for the way your life is supposed to happen. All you can do is your best. For some of us, that happens really late in life, and for some others, it might happen early. One isn’t better than the other. Your journey is why you are you. Let yourself crystallize, let yourself grow in the way you need to grow. Hear other people’s advice with a grain of salt. Know that their experiences are not your own. When taking this information into consideration when it comes to inviting peace into your house, do what fulfills you the most. That might look like taking a nap every day for some people, and for others like me, it might be sleeping with crystals, listening to music, and lighting candles. Take the time to learn what makes you feel the best, and exert the extra energy it takes to make those steps happen. Incubate and grow right now.

All of this prep, this intense focus on yourself, has been prepping you for this week and the last two weeks of the month. This week starts with our Cups getting knocked over. There will be a chaotic feel to today, but you know how to cope. Take extra time listening to others today. Just listen. Your loved ones need to talk today, and they aren’t looking for a specific answer. They just want you to listen. That means, hear them. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk. If you find yourself coming up with a response to part of what they have been saying, keep it. Hold it in. Don’t offer solutions today, just love. You’ll receive love in return.