As the Moon moves from it’s crescent phase to the first quarter phase, some hardships that have sat on our shoulders are released. The first quarter Moon phase is a bold energy that asks us to be assertive. This is the last day of June, and it’s the last chance to plant seeds for July. Taking this new energy given to us by the Moon is the perfect opportunity to gather anything that’s been missed. Soon, we will be asked to love and appreciate ourselves. We need to ask ourselves if we’ve been walking a path we’re willing to repeat. Did we make choices that we can stand by and feel good about?

The Queen of Wands ushers in confidence in using our powers. This confidence is to be taken into July and built upon. If that wasn’t an energetic prevalent today, take some time to meditate. We should be picturing ourselves with the ability to control the weather. We should know that we can control the lightning with our fingertips. Know that amidst chaos there is always calm. We can find the eye of the storm by making a choice. The choice, if employed regularly, becomes habit, and the habit, over time, becomes our character. This is what we’ll be seeing by July 10th.