Let’s talk about the suit of swords for a moment. We had the 9 of Swords yesterday, and the Queen today. There will be a couple more later on in the week as well. This is the suit of air, the suit of intelligence. If we associate this element, air, with a part of the body, it controls our brain. So, these cards tackle how we process information, how we internalize the world around us, and how we think about ourselves. The importance of a new paradigm is paramount, so let’s think about what that looks like in terms of how we think. We have to stop identifying with thought processes of the past. We have to recognize the constructs our society has placed on us as humans. In fact, we also have to realize, that most of us, at one time or another, were not humans. Try a short meditation tonight. Get yourself comfortable, and then picture yourself reentering your room. Before you enter, you leave your ego at the door. Take off the titles you wear, no more mom/partner/friend/activist/lover, just human. Enter the room in your pure form. Feel the light grow inside of your chest, it will glow so bright you will see it through your eyelids. The rest is up to you. Daydream a little. Go exactly where you want to be. For the next two weeks, my spirit is in a cabin on top of a rocky cliff alongside an ocean with three of my guides. I can’t wait to see how it emerges at the New Moon. I can’t wait for you to see how you develop over the next two weeks as well.

The Queen of Swords stands in front of us with a cube on her head. She is a reminder that we can get stuck thinking that we need to be a certain person to gain acceptance. She is asking us to grow out of our roles and find truth in who we really are.