Welcome, October! A month of merging old with new, merging dimensions, and merging thought forms, October is the optimal month for working with the dead, the other, and the new. I’ll be working with this new deck I was gifted. They feel enriched with Olde energy, which is something I haven’t tapped into in many years. I look forward to this coming together of past and present energies to make something new and stronger. In what ways are you progressing and welcoming in the new this month? Burn some red and orange candles if you’re having trouble coming up with something. This week we see a powerful force of energy sweep into and change our lives dramatically.


Today is the first full day we experience Pluto moving direct. This is a big shift for  Scorpians and those who have lots of the planet in their chart. We are emerging from the underworld and making commitments to our future. The 6 of Pentacles shows up to remind us that a career focused mind will make big moves in that area this month. We have a ton of Mars energy to make our dreams come true. Looking at the imagery of this card will help us understand the energy of money. It’s often misunderstood and idealized into something that flows effortlessly and green through the world, but if you’ve watched any sci-fi films, you know that money is dirty. Money corrupts minds. To get on its level, you have to allow yourself to align with it’s true energy. So, maybe your career goals need to switch and be more heart centered, OR maybe you need to play a little dirty.


Mercury square Pluto directs our day and our subconscious to new heights. Now, more than ever, we are able to identify our true needs, and it’s easier than ever to commit to a path. Listen to your body. It’s gaining energetic momentum for the parts in your life that are meaningful to your future. If you feel tired before you accomplish something this week, it’s a sign. It’s every part of you telling you that this just isn’t for you. It’s extra and taking energy from the real purpose you’re beginning to fulfil. The 7 of Swords comes up to remind you that you must persist forward to things that are meaningful. Outside perspective and outsider insight isn’t what’s important right now. A big indication that we’re heading toward something life changing is our numerology this week. So far we have a 6 and 7. The part of your life sky-rocketing forward isn’t new. It’s what you’ve been working at and on for the better part of the past 2 years. The 4th Quarter Moon is helping us weed out what isn’t working. Let its energy work on you.


On this day ruled by Mercury, we energetically bulk up. Today is a good day to eat different nut mixes and drink spicey teas; aura food. We’re getting ready for a huge transformation coming to us on Sunday (which happens to be my birthday! 😳). Strength shows up as our Moon moves into Leo. We embody the strength of the pack, the roar of the lion, and the cunning nature of the lioness. Make commitments, proclaim your love for someone, and KNOW. Know you’re making the right choices for yourself. Trust in yourself implicitly.


We start back at #6 today. Meaning, you might not actually feel all of the overwhelming new that’s happening just yet, but this weekend will surprise you. The 6 of Swords rolls up on this day ruled by Jupiter to let us know that pieces are being put back together. Life is being reshaped and reformed into something we’ve never experienced before. It’s important to stay open and let go of rigid thought forms that will keep you stuck in the past. Stop putting limitations on yourself. If, at any time today, you think to yourself that you can’t do something for one reason or another, check in with yourself. Is that really true, or is it just some arbitrary rule you follow for no real reason at all? Break those rules. Break a bunch of rules today. No holding yourself back from achieving your wildest dreams right now. Stop getting in your own way.


On this day ruled by Venus, we see the planet retrograde. Venus retrograde will dredge up all those exes or former crushes. Don’t let it take you off your game. That’s just Venus, it’s not fate. The 8 of Swords comes forward to remind us that we’re part of a progression right now, but the Emperor chimes in to say that it’s all about how much effort we’re willing to give. You may be walking an unchartered pathway, but you have to just keep going. It’s scary because it’s easy to feel like we have no idea what we’re doing, but that’s what is important. We’re not supposed to know. We’re running on our hearts and instincts right now. It’s incredible and exciting! Don’t give up control though. It will feel easy to be like, “I’m just going to see what shows up for me.” Now is not the time. The decisions you make right now are showing the universe what’s important to you. Keep showing up for what you love, and new opportunities will pop up next week.


Our Moon sits in Virgo on this Saturn-day. Let’s take stock of the cards so far this week. A 6 in Earth, a 7 in Air, Strength, a 6 in Air, an 8 in Air, Emperor, and now an 8 in Earth. Are you noticing a pattern? This whole week has been about getting your job, home, and mind in order. Put in the effort and the quincunx tomorrow will change your life. The energy is THAT big. Stay grinding. Today is about hard work.


On this day ruled by the Sun, we prepare for the New Moon on Monday and absorb Saturn quincunx the North Node. Our destiny and soul feels the lord of time’s lessons and wisdom. This day is the marker of the beginning of a new era. It’s the partner of this New Moon and changes the coarse of history. The 9 of Pentacles shows up to finish off this numerology for the week. We continue to progress in making our homes unique to us and get them in order to strengthen us, and we continue the progress of making our career dreams a reality. Death swoops in to finalize those internal and external changes we’ve been putting off. Celebrate, cry, and make love today. It’s the beginning of the beginning.