The Serpent Manifestation


This is a tarot spread that encompasses all elements and will peer into each aspect of your life. The card in the center represents you, and the card on top is your obstacle. These two cards are pulled from a fully shuffled deck with intention and magick. The cards that surround the center are in pentacle formation and represent each suit of the tarot and element of life. At the top you see the Major Arcana/spirit, to the right is Cups/water, clockwise is Wands/Fire, Pentacles/Earth, and Swords/Air. Through these elements you will learn what fated path you’re currently walking, how your closest relationship is doing, what role your passions have in your life, how your job and home life are going, and how your perspective and outlook on life
plays into your day to day. You are always welcome to e-mail me with a specific question to ask the deck, otherwise the cards will choose what information they think you should know right