The Magician Candle




The Magician is a card that invokes the elements. This is a card that cultivates power, and like
the card, the candle does the same. Infused with the planet Mercury’s energies, this candles will open your throat chakra. This will help you communicate to others your needs, your goals, how to achieve them, and it will help you delegate those goals in order to achieve them faster. This candle will help you grow a community of people willing to invest time in you. All you have to do is let it work on you and communicate. From the moment you open this candle, the spell begins. Light it on a Wednesday for full power.  The Maine crystal inside has been soaking in the herbal infusion well before it became a candle. This crystal serves as a talisman for the spell, and you can carry it with you or leave it on an alter. It’s up you. I mined the crystal myself off the coast of Brunswick, Maine.

There is no quantity listed because I can make these on demand. With that being said, depending on what you order, it could take up to a week to ship. Custom orders are available. Contact for more information.