The Fixed Clouded Shroud


This mixture is a powerful blend of roots, once, resins, herbs, and magic. When you burn it you will create a vibrational barrier around you and anyone else the smoke touches. This mix is specifically blended to take you off of someone or something’s radar. You can also use it as a psychic shield. Think of it almost as an invisibility cloak. It’s great for empaths experiencing
trouble blocking out other peoples energy, or anyone entering situation they don’t fully trust. You can also burn this on the full moon for a long lasting cloud of protection, burn while ghost hunting if you feel you’re in danger, burn this incense if you have a spirit attachment as well. This incense doesn’t smell as good as it works. The Fixed Clouded Shroud contains: cedar, burdock Root, cinnamon, licorice, nettle leaves, white sage, Palo Santo, copal resin, magic, and love in it.

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10 ounces, 5 ounces