This is the classic Celtic cross spread. This is usually the first spread someone learns when they are beginning their tarot journey. It addresses who you are in the moment, your obstacle, the
action taken in the past that brought you where you are right now, where you’re going in the next few weeks, your inner and outer influences, hope/fears, and where you’re headed in the next 6 months if you stay your current course. If it needs to offer up advise on how to change the current course, it will. You are always welcome to e-mail me and ask me to ask the deck a specific question while I am shuffling, otherwise, the tarot will simply decide what it thinks you should know right now. We will dig deep into the numerology, color theory, and elemental magick of the cards that come forward for you. You will get detailed pictures and descriptions of every card that comes up. If we have to pull more cards to gain understanding of a situation, I am always open to doing that. This spread is less specific than the Serpent Manifestation. You won’t necessarily hear from every suit, and it might skip certain aspects of your life, for example, the cards might not talk about your ongoing relationships at all.