Hierophant Candle




The Hierophant is a master of their craft. This candle is infused with the energy of this card, The Sun, and Jupiter. This candle will break through writers block or any other creative blockages. This candle will also help change people’s perspective on who you are. It invokes respect and positive attention/expansion. Light it on a Thursday to strengthen the spell. The minute you pop the top on this candle the spell is released. The crystal inside has been marinating in the herbal infusion long before it became a candle. You can use this stone as a talisman to bring the spell with you wherever you go. It’s also a lovely addition to your alter. I mined this crystal off the coast of Brunswick, Maine.

There is no quantity listed because I can make these on demand. With that being said, depending on what you order, it could take up to a week to ship. Custom orders are available. Contact Sunsorceresstarot@gmail.com for more information.