Decisive Felidae


Cats live and hunt with basic instinct. They can’t be fully domesticated because they are creatures of intuition. What happens when we can’t fully hear our intuition, and we are left feeling
confused? That’s what this spread is for. Are you thinking about changing jobs or moving? This is the spread you want. What you’ll do is e-mail me your scenario. Example: “I am thinking about changing jobs. Is that a good idea?” I will shuffle the cards with this in mind and pull three that will show you what your life will be like if you changed jobs. Then I will reshuffle
and pull three more cards that will show us what your life will be like if you don’t change jobs. I will write up an individual report for each scenario, and then I will compare the two. This spread doesn’t work as well if you don’t tell me the question or scenario. If you would rather not, you might have better luck with The Chariot.