Ace of Pentacles Candle




The Ace of Pentacles ushers in new Earth energies. This includes carrier growth, home blessings, and grounding energetics. The candle is infused with those energetics, along with the Sun. The Sun is powerful to work with and will add strength to all of the magic you do. Light this candle on Sunday to invoke a new beginning. Once you pop the top of this candle, the spell releases into the air. The Maine crystal that sits in it has been soaking up the herbal infusion long before it became a candle. Use this crystal as a talisman for the spell. You can carry it with you or put it on an alter. I mined this stone myself off the coast of Brunswick, Maine. A little love from me to you.

There is no quantity listed because I can make these on demand. With that being said, depending on what you order, it could take up to a week to ship. Custom orders are available. Contact for more information.