9 of Cups Candle




The 9 of Cups is a card that has us daring to dream. This card invokes emotional support, new partners, sexual identity, and self love. This candle has been infused with this energy. Light it on a Friday and watch the love flow into your life. This candle has soaked up the energy from Venus and rose quartz oils. It’s love in a bottle. Once you pop the top on this candle the spell flies off into the air and begins to work. The crystal inside has been soaking up the herbal and oil infusion long before it became a candle. Carry it with you as a talisman holding the spell, or add it to your alter. Whichever feels right.

There is no quantity listed because I can make these on demand. With that being said, depending on what you order, it could take up to a week to ship. Custom orders are available. Contact Sunsorceresstarot@gmail.com for more information.