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Decisive Felidae


Cats live and hunt with basic instinct. They can’t be fully domesticated because they are creatures of intuition. What happens when we can’t fully hear our intuition, and we are left feeling
confused? That’s what this spread is for. Are you thinking about changing jobs or moving? This is the spread you want. What you’ll do is e-mail me your scenario. Example: “I am thinking about changing jobs. Is that a good idea?” I will shuffle the cards with this in mind and pull three that will show you what your life will be like if you changed jobs. Then I will reshuffle
and pull three more cards that will show us what your life will be like if you don’t change jobs. I will write up an individual report for each scenario, and then I will compare the two. This spread doesn’t work as well if you don’t tell me the question or scenario. If you would rather not, you might have better luck with The Chariot.



This is the classic Celtic cross spread. This is usually the first spread someone learns when they are beginning their tarot journey. It addresses who you are in the moment, your obstacle, the
action taken in the past that brought you where you are right now, where you’re going in the next few weeks, your inner and outer influences, hope/fears, and where you’re headed in the next 6 months if you stay your current course. If it needs to offer up advise on how to change the current course, it will. You are always welcome to e-mail me and ask me to ask the deck a specific question while I am shuffling, otherwise, the tarot will simply decide what it thinks you should know right now. We will dig deep into the numerology, color theory, and elemental magick of the cards that come forward for you. You will get detailed pictures and descriptions of every card that comes up. If we have to pull more cards to gain understanding of a situation, I am always open to doing that. This spread is less specific than the Serpent Manifestation. You won’t necessarily hear from every suit, and it might skip certain aspects of your life, for example, the cards might not talk about your ongoing relationships at all.

The Chariot


Just like the famous card from the Major Arcana, this reading is here to pick you up when you feel like you can’t take another step forward. This reading is here to tell you what your next 3 months will be like, and if you need to make any changes by the next major astrological movement. We will talk about how the Moon cycles will play into your success and what crystals you will need in your arsenal. As with any reading, you can e-mail me a specific question you want me to ask the deck, or you can just see what cards want to come forward for you right now. Sometimes that can be best, because a lot of the time it’s our perspective that needs a good shifting. Releasing control and letting the tarot guide you can always be a good wake up call.

The Serpent Manifestation


This is a tarot spread that encompasses all elements and will peer into each aspect of your life. The card in the center represents you, and the card on top is your obstacle. These two cards are pulled from a fully shuffled deck with intention and magick. The cards that surround the center are in pentacle formation and represent each suit of the tarot and element of life. At the top you see the Major Arcana/spirit, to the right is Cups/water, clockwise is Wands/Fire, Pentacles/Earth, and Swords/Air. Through these elements you will learn what fated path you’re currently walking, how your closest relationship is doing, what role your passions have in your life, how your job and home life are going, and how your perspective and outlook on life
plays into your day to day. You are always welcome to e-mail me with a specific question to ask the deck, otherwise the cards will choose what information they think you should know right

The Triad


This is a simple three card reading for when you’re feeling stuck oranxious and you just want to know what’s ahead for you. We will talk about the Moon cycles and how they play into your
cards and how you can use them to your advantage. We will talk about sigil work and how to make the most of your intent. We will also talk about what crystals you’ll need in your arsenal. This comes with a free one card follow up, so email me in a month or so and check back to see how you’re doing. Like all of the readings, you can always e-mail me a question you want
the cards to address, or you can let the cards tell you what they think you should know.

Undine Transformation


This is a spread that is specifically relationship focused. This will dig deep into the role you play in your daily relationships. In the center is a card that represents you and a card that
represents your obstacle. The four cards touching corners with your obstacle will talk about how this specific personality trait, decision, or action effects the people closest to you. The cards above and below you will talk about how to transform this obstacle into something that works for you and that can help your relationships flourish and work for you. We will talk about
meditation practices, mudras, and how crystals/minerals can change the vibration you give out. We might even need to talk about how to change the aura you have in public situations, and if we need to we will. We will also talk about how to utilize the Moon cycles to gain access into shadow self and why it’s not something to fear or hide from others.