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Flauna Invoked


It is said that Flauna is the goddess of confidence. Get to know yourself as you smell these herbs and woods burning in your home. Open your heart to the love of the universe. Vern does incense on the new moon for opening up a new cycle of self love and confidence, and burn while ghost hunting if you’re dealing with a shy spirit and you want to give them a confidence
boost. Burn this incense anytime you need a confidence boost. Flauna Invoked contains: sandalwood, cardamom pods, lavender, cinnamon, Cedar, chamomile flowers, mugwart, salt, magic, and love.

Hekate Invoked


This is a spell that is particularly useful around the new moon for manifesting your wants and desires. It contains four pieces of licorice root, eight pieces of astralagus root, 12 rosebuds, eight pieces of red paper, an envelope of incense, and a piece of carnelian. Through the herbs, roots, flowers, personal intention, and stone you will be working with lower chakra energy‘s
and gods. You are working directly with the carnelian pyramids associated with Sekhmet, and directly with the vibrations associated with Hekate and the Earth.

Night Gallery


Just as Rod Serling took us into new dimensions through paintings, we can travel to new planes with our vibrations on our mind. Burn this while you meditate to keep an eye out for the sign post up ahead. Use the smoke to stay out of the twilight zone. You can burn this while meditating for added protection, especially if your meeting a lot of different beings on your trips. You can burn this wall ghost hunting to enhance communication and to stay protected. You can use this as a smudge for your windows and doorways with the smoke for protective barrier around your house. This spell contains anise seeds, fresh white sage, yarrow, Sandalwood, licorice, cinnamon, Cedar, magic, and love.

The Chain


“I can still hear you saying you will never break the chain.”

As powerful as the bass solo in that song, the chain will break you free of repetition and stagnant energy. Burn if you’ve been bored, burn to break habits or patterns, burn if you’re experiencing an artistic blockage or writers block, and for ghost hunting, burn to communicate clearly with intelligent spirits surrounded by residual spirits. The chain will keep you together, even when you want ti break the rest apart. The Chain has white sage, lavender, Palo Santo, sandalwood, cinnamon, magic, and love inside it.

The Fixed Clouded Shroud


This mixture is a powerful blend of roots, once, resins, herbs, and magic. When you burn it you will create a vibrational barrier around you and anyone else the smoke touches. This mix is specifically blended to take you off of someone or something’s radar. You can also use it as a psychic shield. Think of it almost as an invisibility cloak. It’s great for empaths experiencing
trouble blocking out other peoples energy, or anyone entering situation they don’t fully trust. You can also burn this on the full moon for a long lasting cloud of protection, burn while ghost hunting if you feel you’re in danger, burn this incense if you have a spirit attachment as well. This incense doesn’t smell as good as it works. The Fixed Clouded Shroud contains: cedar, burdock Root, cinnamon, licorice, nettle leaves, white sage, Palo Santo, copal resin, magic, and love in it.

The Hero’s Leap


Named after The Fool, the first card of the tarot, this spell welcomes and ushers in change and new energies. Feel your chakras get comfortable with the idea of a rebirth and new beginnings. Burn this incense if you want to incite change, burn if you’re feeling resistant to change, burn when you start something new and/or life-changing, burn for continued abundance, and when ghost hunting, burn to create a lasting, trustworthy relationship with spirits or elementals. The Hero’s Leap contains, cardamom seeds, yarrow, lavender, salt, burdock root, magic, and love.