Haunt ME in the News

We’re massively appreciative for those who have taken an interest in our show and featured our adventures. Below, please enjoy our years of paranormal investigation, though the eyes of others.

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Coast 93.13 May 2017“Cool local web series “Haunt ME” On the search for spirits…locally!”
Week in Weird27 April 2017“The intrepid ghost hunters from Haunt ME have been investigating Maine’s eerie legends for three seasons full of isolated lighthouses, haunted high schools, and bed & breakfasts where bumps in the night are complimentary with every stay.”
Gorham Times20 April 2017“GHS 2005 graduates Ashley Brooks, Ty Gowen, and Nick Nordfors, went their separate ways after high school. Brooks attended the University of Southern Maine, earning a degree in English, with a minor in Creative Writing. Gowen earned a degree in English with a focus in Communications from the University of New England, while Nordfors attended New York University, graduating with a degree in Film and TV production.”
WCSH620 April 2017“Haunt ME is a web series in Maine featuring four people who investigate reports of paranormal activity. They tend to focus on places around Maine that have a long history of reports of spooky stuff. And they’re about to launch their fourth season of investigations.”
Midnight in the Desert31 March 2017“Ty Gowen grew up in Southern Maine and is now a lead ghost investigator and technical analyst on the show Haunt ME. Ty is always finding new scientific gear to master and utilize in the investigations…Carol Cleveland is the Haunt ME’s Manesologist, giving her a wide breadth of knowledge within the paranormal field and the most tenure of anyone on the team.”
The Big Seance16 March 2017“Patrick chats in the parlor with Katie Webb and Ty Gowen from Haunt ME, the paranormal web series. Get a sneak peek at Season 4, which drops on May 1st! Plus, hear about the use of tarot and altars in paranormal investigations, and some of the haunts from the great state of Maine!”
Fangoria15 March 2017“Although the paranormal web series is already on its fourth season, they have several new, eerie episodes to come in 2017. Since 2012, the HAUNT ME web series team has studied and investigated potentially haunted places, with a primary focus on haunted Maine area locations.”
Week in Weird28 June 2016“I watched all three seasons of Haunt ME in two days because it’s just that good. The web series, which stars investigators Ashley Brooks, Ty Gowen, Katie Webb, and Carol Cleveland, follows the intrepid team as they head off to explore and investigate some of the most haunted destinations in Maine.”
WHOM4 June 2015“Ty Gowen and Anna Halloran joined us today to talk about the upcoming premier of Haunt ME’s 3rd season. If you’re not yet familiar with Haunt ME you should get familiar as soon as possible!
UNE6 March 2015“The story of Ty Gowen ’08, an English major and Art minor, was recently added to the MaineDreams website, a repository of inspirational stories about Maine people who are living their dreams.”
MaineDreams6 March 2015“Ty Gowen grew up in Southern Maine and is now a lead ghost investigator on the show Haunt ME. Haunt ME is a ghost hunting web series that takes place right here in Maine.”
WCSH611 June 2014“‘Haunt ME’ is a web series that focuses on a group of five paranormal investigators who explore different homes and buildings in Maine looking for unusual activity.”
webvee28 April 2014“If you love having your gooses bumped, or hiding behind a large pillow while braver people walk down dimly lit corridors seeking out the dead, then this one’s for you”
DNA Photography8 April 2014“Ever walk by a mirror at night and swear that you’ve seen something a little extra in your reflection?”
Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier28 February 2013“The Biddeford mills have caught the attention of a group of local paranormal investigators.”
Portland Press Herald14 January 2013“You don’t have to be Stephen King to know that Maine can be a scary place.”