Today, Retrograde Saturn returns to Scorpio. No wonder we’re having some pesky influences, amiright? haha! For those unfamiliar with the tricky nature of Saturn or Scorpio, let me fill you in. Saturn is the grand lesson-teacher. We go through hard times to come out stronger, smarter, and wiser, but before all of the growth can take place, we have to have the difficulties. Without getting into too much astrology and science, Saturn will be crossing a major gandanta three times in 2017. We have already felt it once this year, and we’re feeling it again today. Gandanta’s are interesting because the lesson you learn is so significant, that you actually graduate onto the next plateau of your life. So, within hardship comes growth. The four month period of time from June 21-October 25 will insight old energetics from the last time Saturn was in transit with Scorpio, Nov 2014-Jan 2017. Saturn is the lord of karmic debts, which has been a theme for us this week, building up to this point, where the 7 of Swords has come to speak up.

The central eye of the awakened self is distracted by pesky, negative thoughts, represented by six sleepy eyes. Perhaps we feel like imposters? Perhaps we are feeling we don’t deserve our successes? The whole point of the Saturn discussion was to awaken our senses and to let us know that we do deserve success. We have come a long way, and even though we still have a long way to go, we do deserve the good we receive. This card is asking us to credit ourselves for our achievements, and reduce our negative thinking.