A Little Piece of History

Parsonsfield Seminary is one of the oldest places we have ever visited – it is also run by some of the nicest people!

I was not prepared for how far away from civilization Parsonsfield Seminary feels (as a lifelong city dweller, anything I can’t drive to within 20 minutes is far.)  I had been driving for an hour through winding roads, with nothing but trees, getting lost in the scenery… quite literally lost.  I needed gas and my cell phone was dying.  Sounds like a horror film, right?  Let’s be honest, it was a slight failure at being an adult.  After finding myself in New Hampshire, which at this point felt like Canada, I made it to Parsonsfield Seminary in time to start the investigation.

A Little Too Quiet

Parsonsfield Seminary had a different feeling than some of our other haunts.  Thinking back to it, it always felt like something was waiting and watching, but never approaching. There were times the air felt heavy, especially in places like the costume room.  I remember following Katie and Ash down to the basement, which for the most part, was a pretty normal basement.  After some indications we weren’t alone, we paused so Katie and Ash could communicate with the presence.  During their conversation, Katie looked up and over my shoulder at an unknown figure standing behind me (for the record I swore like a sailor at this point).  The strangest part is: it was like some part of my mind was aware there was something next to me, but that is as far as I could understand it.   Nothing specific, just an awareness, like you would be if there was an object next to you, only in this case, there was nothing but space.  It was really awesome to have Katie and Ash confirm the experience.  Trust your gut, and your team.

Parsonsfield, A History

One of the best parts of exploring haunted places is the history behind them.  Parsonsfield has many years behind it, and many lives within it.  It has burned down, been built up, and helped transfer lives to freedom as part of the Underground railroad.  The town of Parsonsfield dates back to when the English first began to settle here.   I was curious about Katie and Carol’s interaction with two male characters through the tarot cards, and who they might be.  Many names have been mentioned throughout my research, but two stuck out to me: Rev. John Buzzell, and Dr. Moses Sweat.  Both were founding members of Parsonsfield Seminary. Buzzell was a strong speaker and well known scholar.  With a strong focus on faith, and spreading the Word, could they still be at the seminary trying to teach a lesson to those who come through?