As we all move into the season of transformation, we must always remember that, yes, miracles happen every day, but we are responsible for where are lives are and how they change. If it feels overwhelming, take small steps and celebrate small victories.


This day continues the energy and numerology from last week. Today is about the New Moon, and it’s about taking control. We let go of people who don’t have our best interest in their heart, and we take the steps to break out of jobs that don’t appreciate us either. Close doors because that will open opportunities.


Today, we become connected. The Ace of Wands caps off last week’s numerological steps we were taking. We’re officially in new beginnings. We see Mercury enter Scorpio and quincunx Chiron. When you add that to early stages Venus retrograde, you get a stew of self blame and nostalgia. While it’s important to remember and pay tribute to the past, there’s no need to let it consume you with blame. The past is what it is, and if you want to show that you’ve learned from it, then you move on and act accordingly. Let’s do this! Tune yourself to feelings. Notice how your routine makes you FEEL. Take care of your body today. Make yourself a priority.


The Ace of Wands sticks around today as Mars finally leaves the shadow period from its retrograde. As Mars comes back into full power we become more motivated. For some, you’ll notice a shortage of patience, and on this day ruled by Mercury, it might come out as yelling. We’re here to provide understanding because we’re energy workers. Mercury opposes Uranus, which will teach us the power of laying low. It’s ok if you keep your motivations to yourself today. Be your own best friend.


Today’s energies will feel overwhelming and a lot. On this day ruled by expansion and bounty we see 4 planets sitting in mysterious Scorpio. This sign in the zodiac gets a lot of flack because people can’t seem to understand it. Scorpio has always been one of my favorite signs because it’s people are magick and highly sensitive. So, with Jupiter, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury all sharing in this water sign, and as the veils between worlds thin, expect messages to come forward. Expect synchronicities and meaningful memories. Pay attention to them, especially if last week left you feeling lost. The Wheel of Fortune shows up to remind us that change is the only constant. If you feel like you’re on the bottom of the wheel, remember it’s temporary (and most likely a lesson 😬), and if you’re on top, be grateful. Last night Venus was Square Mars, and this romantic tug of war continues through the day. If you haven’t been haunted by the memory of a past relationship yet, they’re coming for you. Lolol Lastly, Mercury’s square to the North Node reminds us to keep our heads down and power through. The dreamers out there need to keep working. No big announcements today. Save them for another time. It’s coming.


On this day ruled by Venus, we focus on our minds. Our hearts will want to lead the way, but we need to keep a strong perspective. Our confidence will be tested as Mercury sextiles Saturn. It’s always a good idea to self-reflect. Look deep at your motives and make sure you have your own back. With the Sun square Pluto it might be easy to try to talk yourself into believing in yourself. Make your self reflection honest. It’s important that you’re open to yourself about exactly what you want. Now is the time.


This weekend is about reflection. Take advantage of the changing times to change your approach. Make internal changes that are in support of you. We need to love ourselves and show empathy toward ourselves. When we’re able to do this for us, it will be a million times easier to do it to others.


The weekend’s themes of reflections continue. 2018 has exposed us all. What has it shown you? What have you learned about yourself? Take all of this info for your future self, and rise to all of its challenges.