You’ve probably read that today kicks off the beginning of 4 eclipses in a 2 month period of time. An eclipse, metaphysically and energetically, helps with renewal. An eclipse can make your actions cemented in stone. Do things today that you want to bring along with you for the next 2 years. Show up in the way you want the world to see you over the next 2 years. What does that mean? It means taking care of stress. Don’t carry stress with you into the new moon cycle. If there’s something that’s been bothering you, now is the time to speak up about it, especially since Mercury is going retrograde soon. Do you keep having the same type of interactions with people, or maybe you’ve withdrawn from confidence? Today is the day to act like none of that is a problem. It’s ok if it still is, just show the universe what you want your life to look like by doing all of your favorite things today.  Treat yo’self a lil.

The 5 of Swords comes up today to remind us that this is an incredibly transformational time. It will feel chaotic to a lot of people. Next week, between eclipses, will also have the feeling of chaos. It’s ok. There’s a divine thread being woven throughout all of our lives that is teaching us lessons, springing us into action, and ripping the rug out from under us. All of this is necessary. On the card, you see two eclipsed suns surrounding the woman in the center. These planets are encroaching in her personal space and making her feel claustrophobic. How do we break free? How to we break the chains that have been keeping us locked in the same position over and over? One one side of the eclipse we have fear and avoidance. These are go-to emotions that spring up in everyone because they are easy. It’s easy to just not call back or stay at home. It’s easy to be afraid of something new. We read articles and Facebook everyday, and everyday we become afraid of something new. It’s so easy. What’s hard is understanding. It’s hard to dig deeper and find the truth of a situation. With the articles, it’s probably a company benefitting from your fear. Remember the great sulfate scare of like 2012? Everyone started thinking that sulfates are the worst thing for your hair, and a lot of people still do. Well, guess who started the whole thing…a company that created a new kind of sulfate that doesn’t have the word sulfate in the name, and it went into every “no sulfate” shampoo. (Unless your hair feels like you forgot to rinse the conditioner out, your shampoo has a sulfate. It’s literal science). That’s just one example of many. Chances are, someone is profiting off of your fear. So, go further. Get to know that which you’re afraid of. On the other end of the eclipse spectrum of feelings, is boldness and being courageous. This can be the flip side of living in fear. This can be living with no fear and acting impulsively. Both feelings will be an easy go-to for today and this weekend. The challenge will be to think thoughtfully about where you want to go, seek truth, and have patience. Trust that you’re doing the best for yourself, and know that anything that happens over the next couple of weeks is helping you get where you need to go. Sometimes struggle is a gift. So, light a candle or two, choosing a black and a white would be a good decision today, grab some Smokey Quartz, and get ready for the ride. “I work through my own obstacles, one by one.”