The Sun started off the week, Sunday, by changing signs to Leo. This will bring on some extra fire. Fire has the ability to ignite us, get us off our butts, grow to new heights, and fire has the ability to burn us. Let’s track the Sun’s movement for the week.



Today Fire will run the show. With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Sagittarius, we’ll be all heated up today. The Judgement card comes forward to settle all the scores before Mercury stations Retrograde on Thursday. If you’ve been putting off having a talk with someone, it’s now or after August 19th.


The one day this week that the Sun has some chill. If you can take it easy today, that might be best. It’s such a high energy week, tonight might be the only night you get some sleep. Venus opposes Neptune today, so PMS will be in the air. Cry it all out. It’s totally ok. The 9 of Swords shows up to remind you that, while crying is 100% ok, having a pity party is unnecessary. So, do your thing, but don’t let it swallow you whole. You’re smart, good at what you do, and worth a million bucks. You have ideas. Be true to yourself and you’ll shine.


Early this morning (1:30am to be exact) the Sun trines Chiron and moves on to Square Uranus toward the afternoon. Depending on your birth chart, you’ll either feel the heavy squall of the past rain down upon you, or you’ll spring into action initiating change with every step you take. Either way, both aspects are here to help you emerge out of the depths. The 6 of Wands gathers all of the energies and tells us that whatever we’ve been trying to achieve over the past few months that hasn’t quite got its grip, will begin to gain some traction. We’ll begin to see that we’ve been manifesting this whole time, even if it’s felt slow or like nothing.


Today we see the Sun making moves into quincunx Saturn. The Wheel of Fortune coming forward for today is important. We have to remember that change is the only constant and that our loved ones have to live out their truths. We can’t go shoving their problems today. Especially because we’re going to want to, but with Mercury stationing retrograde, the chance to misspeak or misunderstand our actions are too high. It will be too easy for unnecessary fights with your closest and truest friends today, so mind your business. Don’t worry, they know you love them.


This is a big day. The Sun opposes Mars, which Mars hates. So stubborn behaviors beware, it’s your day. We’ll see the Moon at its fullest, along with a Lunar Eclipse. We’ll even see Venus trine Pluto. For some of us, today will be a mixed bag. It won’t feel like anything special because it will just feel annoying. But the Page of Cups comes forward to remind you that these annoyances add balance to our lives. They help weigh it all out so we can see and appereciate all of the blessings that will be ours come September. We are a small aspect that’s part of a bigger movement, but the movement is the key. So, no matter how small of an impact we may feel like we have, without it, there would be less push forward. Today we remember how important we are.


Today we see the Sun conjunct the North Node (thank you lunar eclipse). This helps push us on a path toward destiny. The Page of Pentacles shows up to tell us to push our goals that are oriented toward home and job into the future. Today we must fly forward. Take a step out of the present.