As Spring sets in among us, we begin to feel the freedom of open windows and warm sun rays. Even with all this warmth on our face, we can’t help but feel the tingle of anxiety creeping up our backs. The first two weeks of May will have this dichotomy. The month will be known for extreme highs and lows. These feelings are shown to us in the 5 and 6 of Cups. The numbers are in order, almost like a check list. Expect to drop ties to friends and colleagues that have been hanging on by a thread. Expect to have more time for yourself. Use this time to think about your future and what makes you feel excited. This month is ripe for manifestation. Use this extra time to check off lists and pursue goals. By mid month we’ll be super busy. Manifestations will be all happening at once if you work hard at the beginning of the month. You might end up with too much going on if you play your cards right! Take charge and go get it!